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I’ve got another project in mind to solve a personal problem. The Problem I bank online and use online billpay through my bank for most of my bills. I occasionally write checks. I currently use a spreadsheet to manage my budget because I set up my budget biweekly (when I receive a paycheck) rather than monthly. I want a way to keep an eye on my budget biweekly, but am currently doing that through a spreadsheet. I have used...

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Blog Post Full Content Tutorial

By default, your WordPress Blog Page will show a list of Summaries of your Blog Posts. This is not a setting that you can change in your administrative panel. It has to be done in the PHP file. Here’s how: You need to have a way to access your files on the server. I recommend the [FireFTP Add-On] for Firefox. You can also use the GoDaddy Hosting Control Center > Your Files. Or you can use any FTP client. On the server,...

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