Whole30: Week Two

As part of my Whole30 experience, I’m documenting my meals and notes about how I feel along the journey. Below, you can view the list of the foods that I ate during Week Two of my Whole30 elimination diet. You can also view recipes for everything in the meal plan below. The links for tasty recipes go to my personal recipe collection at stphne.com/recipes. For recipes I would not cook again, the links go to the original recipe.

I like to cook on the weekends and eat a lot of leftovers during the week. To really enjoy your leftovers, you can use a microwave and a toaster oven. Use the toaster oven for items that you want to be crispy. This can also dry out food, so add extra moisture or microwave things that don’t need crisping in the oven. You can also use your oven to reheat items, but it takes longer and makes your house hot in the summer.


(To see recipes cooked in the previous week and listed as leftovers here, see Whole30: Week One.)
Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
8.Sun 1 Prosciutto-wrapped frittata muffin, 1 1/2 slices of bacon, 8 cherries Leftover burger, garlic sweet potato fries, 1/2 peach BBQ sauce, BBQ poached chicken, potatoes with spicy caramelized onions, leftover squash ribbons, 1/2 pear Leftover zucchini spaghetti, 5 cherries
9.Mon Leftover frittata, leftover bacon, 5 cherries Leftover chicken, leftover potatoes, leftover squash ribbons, 1/2 apple Leftover chicken, Roast asparagus, cherries Leftover burger and sweet potato fries, 1/2 apple
10.Tue Leftover frittata, leftover bacon, 6 cherries Counter-served beef and broccoli (no sugar, no soy) over cabbage with basil and lime, banana 2 egg omelet with (leftover from burgers) onions, mushrooms, and bacon, leftover potatoes on the side, and a frozen banana (Tip – Peel the banana before you freeze it.) 1/2 leftover frittata, 1/2 leftover bacon slice, leftover burger, roast asparagus (plus cherry tomatoes), 6 cherries
11.Wed 1 egg omelet with (leftover from burgers) onions, mushrooms, bacon, and 1/2 portion leftover potatoes, 6 cherries Leftover chicken, 1/2 leftover potatoes, 8 cherries Leftover burger with toppings, roasted beets, 1/2 apple Leftover burger patty only, 16 cherries
12.Thu Leftover frittata, leftover bacon, 6 cherries Leftover chicken, leftover beets, 1/2 apple Leftover 2 burgers with toppings, leftover asparagus, 1/2 apple 8 Cherries, handful of dried apples (ingredients: apples)
13.Fri Leftover frittata, leftover bacon, leftover 1/2 potatoes, 6 cherries Leftover burger with toppings, leftover squash ribbons, 1/2 apple Creamy bacon garlic spaghetti squash + skillet chicken (no sauce) Before breakfast, I went to the market and ate  a few golden raspberries and a slice of melon, 6 cherries
14.Sat Bacon and veggie frittata muffins, Roast potatoes with spicy caramelized onions (so good I’m making it again and freezing some) Bacon and melon Chicken zucchini fritters (not very good), leftover spaghetti squash, 1/2 peach 1 slice of bacon, apple


Below are my notes about how I felt or any symptoms that I saw because of the diet change.

  • Day 8 – I woke with puffy face and fingers and stiff joints. In addition, my exhaustion continued.
  • Day 9 – I woke puffy again. I felt like I sugar crashed at 11am, but ate cherries with my breakfast, not separately to cause a crash. Tired and can’t concentrate.
  • Day 10 – I woke puffy and with a leg cramp. I was exhausted by 3pm. I had more muscle spasms and cramps later in the day.
  • Day 11 – I again woke puffy and with a leg cramp. I had more muscle spasms and cramps in my arm and wrist. The muscle pain was severe enough that I took a painkiller so that I could work. I had my first real carb cravings. Pizza…
  • Day 12 – No noticeable change
  • Day 13 – No noticeable change
  • Day 14 – Still woke puffy and with muscle spasms. Exhaustion and poor concentration continued. At 11am, I was cold and so exhausted that I slept for 2.5 hours. After my 9 hours every night, I don’t normally nap.


In the too much information (TMI) category, below are some additional notes specific to female issues.

  • Day 8 – I woke with a bloated face (around my eyes), bloated fingers, and stiff joints. Medium flow period and medium cramps. It’s worth noting that I have never been bloated during female issues.
  • Day 9 – I was bloated again upon waking. Period was heavy. I had a headache but no migraine.
  • Day 10 – I woke bloated and with a leg cramp. Period returned to medium flow with medium cramps.
  • Day 11 – I again woke bloated. I was unreasonably angry at customers and coworkers that did stupid things. I had a lot of trouble concentrating at work. I suspect my hormones. I also had bad menstrual cramps and just felt yucky.
  • Day 12 – My menstrual cramps lessened, but no change otherwise.
  • Day 13 – No noticeable change
  • Day 14 – No noticeable change. This made 11 days on my period while taking my birth control pill.

Author: Steph

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