Day 16 & 17: Rome

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On the last morning of the cruise, we arrived at Civitavecchia and had to take the train to Rome.

We stored our luggage and went to the Vatican, starting at St. Peter’s Basilica.

View from inside the Basilica.

Inside the Basilica. Note the size of the people to understand the scale of this church. 

The Swiss Guard – guards of the Vatican.

Sphere and pinecone in the Vatican Museum.

The statue of Laocoon and his sons fighting (and losing to) a snake.

Beautiful tile mural in the Vatican Museum.

Cameo-type art on the celiing of the muesum. Except they’re not 3-D cameos. They’re painted with shadows. What?!?

Painted maps from the 16th century.

Behind the alter of the Sistene Chapel. (Yeah, we weren’t supposed to take photos, apparently. They really should have put signs in the MILES of museum we had to wade through to get here. Really, only signs inside? Who’s looking at signs in this room?)

The famous Michaelangelo’s Creation of Man.

If you get a chance, look at the map of the Sistene Chapel art. The organization is really interesting. Also note the size of the figures at one end vs the other.

Stairs in the Vatican Museum. 

Fabulous sandwiches at a shop near the Vatican.

Colosseum view from the Airbnb.

The Colosseum.

Dinner in a small local restaurant. This was our best overall meal of the trip. Bruchetta and a meat and cheese platter with our wine. 

Truffle pasta and Ragu. They were fantastic.

Sunset touching the Colosseum.

Sunrise walking around the Colosseum. 

More pastries for breakfast.

Walk toward Palentine Hill.

Ruins on Palentine Hill.

Back to the Colosseum for our audio tour.

Inside the Colosseum. The white steps are a reconstructed section to show where the first line of seats would be during the Gladiator Games.

View of our Airbnb from inside the Colosseum.

The Arc of Constantine from the Colosseum.

In the afternoon, we did an audio walking tour of the main tourist areas in Rome. This photo is at the Spanish Steps.        

Part of the original Roman aquaduct system.

Pizza and pasta for dinner. The pizza is a yellow tomato Margarita pizza.

The Trevi fountain.

Kendra throwing a coin into the fountain.  

Roman Pantheon. 

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