About Epiphenie

Epiphenie started in 2010 as a repository for technical information gathered by the author while working on website design and development. You can find articles from 2010-2011 in the Epiphenie Archive. Articles that were created from 2012-present day are technical in nature, but intended for a general audience. If we’ve solved an organizational or technical challenge, we share that information.
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Getting Healthy

Getting Healthy Series

As a New Year’s resolution, in preparation for swimsuit season, or for whatever reason, you’ve decided to make some changes to implement a healthier lifestyle.

Organized Life Series

Organized Life Series

There are a thousand ways we could all be more organized, more productive, and therefore more relaxed. Over the next six months you can have an organized life by working on a project every weekend.

Weekend Series

Weekend Series

The Epiphenie Weekend Series covers useful organizational or technical challenges that you can overcome in a weekend. From organizing your computer files to updating your Facebook security settings, we cover it. Check back monthly as we add new topics.


Everyday Apple Watch Series

Throughout the Everyday Apple Watch Series, we’ll look at each of the solutions that the watch provides, and ultimately, learn if the watch is worth keeping.

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