Whole30: Week Seven

As part of my Whole30 experience, I’m documenting my meals and notes about how I feel along the journey. Below, you can view the list of the foods that I ate during my Whole30 reintroduction. You can also view recipes for everything in the meal plan below. The links for tasty recipes go to my personal recipe collection at stphne.com/recipes. For recipes I would not cook again, the links go to the original recipe.

I like to cook on the weekends and eat a lot of leftovers during the week. To really enjoy your leftovers, you can use a microwave and a toaster oven. Use the toaster oven for items that you want to be crispy. This can also dry out food, so add extra moisture or microwave things that don’t need crisping in the oven. You can also use your oven to reheat items, but it takes longer and makes your house hot in the summer.


(To see recipes cooked in the previous week and listed as leftovers here, see Whole30: Week Six.)
Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
43.Sun Leftover frittata, bacon, cherries Leftover BBQ chicken, leftover sweet potatoes, leftover asparagus, 1/2 apple Bacon, eggs, plantain chips, salsa, 1/2 apple Epic beef bar, cherries
44.Mon Leftover frittata, bacon, 1/2 apple Leftover BBQ chicken, leftover sweet potatoes, leftover asparagus, plum Leftover chicken taco, plantain chips, salsa, leftover broccoli, nectarine Epic bar, fruit bar
RE: Gluten grains
2 Bacon and 2 eggs on 1 1/2 pc toast (bread from Whole Foods – organic with no soy or dairy), nectarine Leftover BBQ in pita (from Whole foods – organic with no soy or dairy), leftover broccoli, mini peach pie (from farmer’s market with no soy or dairy) Breadsticks and marinara Morning snack – Chocolate crinkle cookie (from Whole foods – organic with no soy or dairy)

Evening snack – 1 1/2 bacon, 2 eggs, nectarine

46.Wed Leftover frittata, bacon, banana (Restaurant) Ceviche and plantain chips, nectarine Leftover chicken taco filling, plantain chips, salsa Epic Beef bar, grapes, 1 bacon, 2 eggs


Below are my notes about how I felt or any symptoms that I saw because of the diet change.

  • Day 43 – No lasting after-effects from dairy
  • Day 44 – No noticeable change
  • Day 45 -Gluten (wheat) – About an hour after eating the toast, I noticed that my muscles and joints were stiff and achy. Also, I was craving more carbs and got super-grumpy. As I ate more gluten throughout the day, my whole body started hurting – my bones, joints, and muscles. After breadsticks for dinner, I noticed the same hot head and headaches that I get with sugar.
  • Day 46 – I had trouble falling asleep and didn’t sleep well. I woke with swollen and stiff fingers and my wrists, ankles, and back hurt all day. My stomach was also a little off. The pain and grumpiness continued throughout the day and made my evening workout miserable.


Read the following notes about how each introduction during the week affected me.


Gluten is not my friend. Gluten hurt me to my bones. Literally. It made my bones and joints hurt. It made me grumpy. It affected my sleep. It made my joints swell. Eating different gluten products didn’t seem to matter.

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to eat gluten-free at home or at restaurants. Especially in Seattle.

Author: Steph

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