2012 Hyundai Sonata iPod Connector Doesn’t Work As Expected

You just purchased a 2012 Hyundai Sonata and are very excited about all the little toys that came standard on your car. You have Bluetooth. You have stereo and Bluetooth controls on your steering wheel. You have an integrated iPod connection so you can control your iPod (or iPhone or Android Phone) from your steering wheel controls. There’s a great little pocket on the passenger side of your console that’s just begging to hold your iPod.

Being a careful buyer, you decide to get the iPod connector cable from the dealer because you don’t want to deal with aftermarket cables possibly not working. Good for you, right? Wrong. There’s a little problem with that system. If you connect your iPod using the dealer-supplied cable it will NOT WORK. You take your car and cable to the dealer and they can’t figure it out. I have a friend that has a 2012 Hyundai Accent and the cable works perfectly. After a little trial and error, I figured out the problem. Ready for it?

Connect your USB iPod cable to the USB jack using a regular USB cable. (If you need a new cable, the aftermarket ones work fine. Check out this 6-foot cable from Amazon, or this Retractable Cable.)

But, whatever you do, DO NOT connect one that has an auxiliary jack connector. Your car will not recognize the connected device at all. Again, if your cable looks like this: , do not use it!


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Author: Steph

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