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I Have a New iPad

So you just sprung for a new (or used) iPad, joining the herd of sheep out there. (As I did – BAAA!) You downloaded a few games and wasted a couple of days playing with it. Now you’re trying to integrate it into your lifestyle so the money isn’t wasted on a mere toy.

Should I Buy an iPad?

Or, you’re thinking about getting an iPad (full-size, Mini, or Air) and want to figure out what to do with it before committing the money.

About This Series of Articles

You came to the right place. This series of articles will look into the possibilities of making your iPad part of your life. Whether you are a tech junkie that’s looking for a way to justify buying one, a parent thinking of getting an iPad for their child, or you are a proud iPad owner and are looking for other ways to use your iPad, you will benefit from this series.


Before we get started, take 30 minutes to familiarize yourself with your iPad. READ THE MANUAL. Seriously, if you can spend 30 hours playing Angry Birds, you can spend a half hour learning how to work your $600 or so device.

I’ll stop yelling now. If you don’t know how to access the iPad manual, check out my iPad Manual Article. (Updated 10/23/13)


The following is the list of articles to help you figure out what to do with your iPad, including the evaluation of apps.

On Oct 22, I purchased an iPad 4 (refurbished – what a deal!) and am updating to iOS 7.  I will be revisiting and updating the old articles and adding to new ones throughout the end of 2013.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, this series of articles is based on iOS 6.

  1. Basics – This is a list of tips on basic usage. Much of this information is available in the iPad Manual, but these are the takeaway points for those that skimmed the manual. Or, these are tips on items that aren’t clear in the manual. (Updated 10/23/13)
  2. Siri – You must have an iPad gen3 or later to use Siri. I recommend the Apple Siri FAQ page to learn more about using Siri since I’m rocking an ipad 2.
  3. News – The iPad makes a great daily news reader, and some apps make reading the news more interesting and personalized. Learn great ways to get news and read your magazine and RSS subscriptions. (Updated 10/23/13)
  4. Productivity for Life – manage your to-do lists, your finances, your calendar, and your travel. (Updated 10/23/13)
  5. Productivity for Work – learn how to use an office suite, create graphics, and write blogs. (Updated 10/23/13)
  6. Taking Notes – Business people take notes in meetings, students take notes in class, and everyone jots down notes occasionally. (Updated 10/23/13)
  7. Communications – manage your email and use FaceTime, Skype, and texting to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family. (Updated 10/23/13)
  8. Photos & Video – Edit, capture, and display your photos and home videos. (Updated 10/23/13)
  9. Movies and TV Media – the iPad is a great device to enjoy your television and movies. Consider Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and streaming your own. (Updated 10/23/13)
  10. Other Media– Read books and listen to Podcasts, audiobooks, internet radio, and even your own music. (Updated 10/23/13)
  11. Social – Stay connected socially with great Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ apps. (Updated 10/23/13)
  12. Navigation – did you know you can take along your wifi iPad while travelling to use for navigation? (Updated 10/23/13)
  13. Weather – check the weather with some very cool weather apps. (Published 1/27/13)
  14. Games – Although you can check the top selling and top free games on iTunes, I’ll evaluate a few games that I love. (Published 2/3/13)
  15. Fitness – Use your iPad to help keep you motivated as you eat well and exercise. (Published 2/10/13)

Bonus Articles:

  • Using Lastpass and Xmarks on Your iPad – If you are an avid LastPass/Xmarks user, you may be feeling a little distraught by Apple’s penchant for locking down their software. You can still use these services easily. (Published 12/1/12)
  • Taking Your iPad on Vacation – Would you like to get the most out of your iPad on vacation? Are you going out of the country and not willing to pay your phone’s roaming charges? Learn how I used my iPad while on vacation in Mexico. (Published in February 2014)

I may add more topics as I go along, but stay posted!


If you’re looking for general suggestions for good iPad apps, I recommend:

  • PC Magazine – The Best 100 iPad Apps
  • Lifehacker – Lifehacker Pack for iPad: Our List of the Best iPad Apps
  • Fox News – 30 must-have apps for the new iPad mini

There are also apps to help you find apps. Like AppShopper. With AppShopper you can check out the top rated apps, find independent reviews, and track changes. The idea is that you can compile a wish list and then have the app update you when one of your desired apps comes down in price. It can send you push notifications or email updates. You can also use it to track updates in any apps that you already own.

Author: Steph

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