4-9-2010 Meeting

We didn’t actually meet this week, but I was working on a few things and Daryl helped me with an Animated GIF in Photoshop. Check out the [cref photoshop-animated-gif-tutorial] Post for that information. It’s got a silly animation embedded in the page.

I’ve done a lot of Blog stuff. Check out those pages:

  • [cref blogging]
  • [cref blog-basics-tutorial]
  • [cref blog-install-wordpress-tutorial]
  • [cref blog-plugins-tutorial ]
  • [cref blog-post-full-content-tutorial]
  • [cref blog-static-homepage-tutorial ]
  • [cref blog-themes-tutorial]

I’ve also been messing around with some design stuff:

  • [cref design]
  • [cref favicon-tutorial]
  • [cref application-icons]

Daryl is pretty excited about the new Adobe CS5 Suite release next week. We’re probably going to meet at 11 on Monday to watch some vids online about the new functionality.

Author: Steph

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