Add A One Call Now Banner to a Google Site

Adding a One Call Now Banner to the page

  • Get the code from One Call Now here.
  • Copy the code into a text editor and make any changes you would like.
    • I cleaned up a little of the code to get rid of their advertising links. I removed the section of code shown below.
  • Go to Insert > More gadgets and search for Safe HTML Bypass.
  • Copy the code from your text editor and paste the code into the widget.
  • Change the size of the widget to 475 pixels wide and 116 pixels tall.
  • Change the title to something appropriate. You won’t be able to go back and edit this information, you’ll have to delete the gadget and enter a new one due to an error with the gadget url.

Code to remove to get the ad link off the bottom of the banner:

<a title="Click here to learn more about One Call Now"
href="" target="_blank">
One Call Now - Telephone your whole team with one call to our team communication service</a>

Author: Steph

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