Android vs iPhone

The great phone debate pits Android devices against the ever-popular iPhone. According to the latest research from ComScore (found by this search), smartphones running the Android OS developed by Google now hold the largest market share of subscribers. Apple’s iPhone is in 3rd place behind Blackberry devices. And the number of Android devices being used are growing.

As for the big debate, there are limitations to both operating systems, and those limitations can be all but removed by jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android device. There’s a great pair of articles from my favorite tech website – Lifehacker. These articles only mention things that you absolutely can’t do on the other operating system. If you can root it, jailbreak it, or otherwise make modifications to do it, they leave it off the list. This makes for interesting reading.

My Debate

I’ve been an exclusive iPhone owner and user since 2008. Prior to that, I had a Windows Phone made by HTC. I’m extremely comfortable with my iPhone 4 and have found ways around its limitations. I’ve jailbroken it so that it does pretty much what I want, although not always the most elegant way. For more information on my setup, see the My Jailbreak Setup Article. I’ve done everything I want with it and haven’t made any changes in quite a while.

Recently, a coworker started an Android programming group at work. I wanted to join, but didn’t really have a device. (My NookColor wouldn’t work well for connecting to the Google API.) My options were to buy a tablet, buy an Android phone with no contract, or buy and Android phone with a contract. After thinking about this I decided to get a really nice Android phone and really run it through its paces. I wanted to become an Android USER so that I could really do the programming right.

My Devices

My Android Phone: Samsung Infuse 4G

My iPhone: iPhone 4

My Plan

I have my iPhone on my main phone service plan with unlimited (haha) data. During my testing phase, I’ll be tethering my Android phone to my iPhone so it doesn’t use my small 200Mb data plan. If I decide I like the Android phone better, I’ll switch the Android phone to my main line and put the iPhone on our 3rd family plan line.

My Comparison

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Author: Steph

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