Organize Your Bed & Bath [Organization #19]

This week in the Organized Life Series we’re not tackling a big project. We’re going to do a little organizing in the bedrooms and bathrooms. Last week we Organized Clothes, making the tasks this week more simple.


Before you start clearing out old stuff, consider the purpose of your bedrooms. Is the master bedroom for sleeping only, or do you watch TV and have a home office setup in your space? Do your kids have a separate play space or do all of their toys and books need to be neatly stored in their bedrooms?

Master Bedroom

Take a moment to think about your daily routine. It plays a large role in how you use the space, what sort of linens you should use, what furniture you have, and what electronics you need to access. Consider the following before delving into your organization:

  • In the morning does your spouse or significant other get up at a different time than you? If so, it’s possible that none of your morning routine takes place in your bedroom. Otherwise, you might like a vanity table or desk in your bedroom.
  • During the day are kids or pets permitted in your room?
  • Does someone relax in your room to read or watch TV?
  • Do you keep your computer or office space in your room?
  • What is your before-bed routine?
  • Do you keep your mobile phone near your bed at night?
  • Do pets or kids sleep with you?

Use these questions to make sure your space is organized well for you.

Example 1: I am a single woman with a dog that sleeps in his own bed in the floor of my room.  I have a large bedroom and like a King bed. I keep my jewelry in an armoire in my bedroom. I have nice bed linens since the dog does not join me. I like my room very dark and have lined panel curtains. I have an antique desk in my room that I use for a vanity to do my makeup in the mornings. I don’t use my bedroom for reading or watching TV, so I have no books or electronics in my room. I do keep my phone next to me at night and have an extra-long charging cable.

Example 2: Consider a married couple with no kids. They have different work schedules and the wife gets up earlier than the husband. She picks out her clothes and jewelry at night for the next morning. She gets ready completely in the bathroom with the door closed and no music. At night, both relax in the bed before going to sleep by reading, using a laptop/tablet/phone, or watching TV. This couple needs a properly placed television, possibly a second remote, and space by the beds for books and electronics.They have a dog that sleeps on the bed and keep an inexpensive duvet cover that is washable.

Example 3: Consider a family in a small house or apartment. In the morning, they shower and get ready in the hall bath. During the day, the master bedroom is sometimes used for its second TV so the bed gets extra use and needs washable coverings. The family computer is in the master bedroom so the parents can control its usage. At night, the parents relax by reading or using electronics. They need a King-sized bed because the dog and the occasional child sleeps with them.

Other Bedrooms

Consider the purpose of your other bedrooms. Here, we are considering bedrooms to be rooms with beds. If you have a bedroom used as an office or workout space, we’ll organize that room in a different week.

Kids Bedrooms need to be purged regularly of old toys. It’s a good idea to do this before Christmas and birthdays when there is about to be an influx of new goods. Donate old items to charity or have a garage sale. Make sure that the kids can reach the items they need and that everything has a place so that toys and clothes can be put away properly. Make sure they have a designated play area.

Spare Bedrooms need to be neat and mostly empty. Be careful that they don’t become storage spaces and get piled up with boxes.

What To Do

  1. Furniture – Decide what pieces need to be in the bedrooms and what do not. Do you need a larger bed? A smaller one? A desk? A bookcase? A jewelry armoire. Evaluate the placement of your furniture. Now is a good time to rearrange.
  2. Linens – Do you need a washable duvet cover to protect your bedding? Or is it time for a nice comforter? Are you happy with your sheets? Do your window coverings keep your room dark enough when you sleep in?
  3. Electronics – Are your electronics dark enough at night? All those flashing lights can affect your sleep. A piece of black electrical tape over the light will fix that. Do your charging cables reach the bed? You can pick up some long cables on Amazon for only a few dollars. Is your TV placed nicely so everyone can see without getting a sore neck?
  4. Books – If you read a lot (or your kids do) you need to keep your books organized and have a spot for your current read. Consider your bookcase and nightstand options.
  5. Toys – Toys need a place to be put away neatly. Consider bookshelves with baskets or plastic bins in the closet.


Bathrooms are more simple. You want to make sure there is a neat place for everything. The under-sink cabinets and drawers need to be neat and organized. Supplies should be visible and easy to inventory if you need to shop. Backup toilet paper needs to be in reach of the toilet, as does a trash can. Counters should be mostly clear. Consider over-the-toilet shelves and wall-mounted shelves near the sink. Have a basket, drawer, or hanging space for your bathroom electronics such as hair dryers and irons. Minimize the number of items stored in the shower. Make sure there are sufficient towel-hanging bars or hooks to keep wet towels off the floor. Consider getting a wall rack or using baskets for clean towels. Rolling a towel and storing it in a basket is visually appealing. Check the condition of your linens – towels, rugs, shower curtains and replace items as necessary.

Author: Steph

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