We briefly discussed blogging softwares. I and a few others use [Wordpress] – an open-source Blogging software. WordPress also has CSS support. This is also implemented through Godaddy and has a great admin UI. You can see it in action on [My Author Site].

This Blogging Page

What I had: As I have been doing more and more research and developing my skills, there has been a need to record the things I’ve learned and be able to share that information and be able to easily navigate it. My previous solution was a multipage HTML site. I had one page for meeting notes, one page for all of the topics that we covered, one page for links, and multiple pages for source code and tutorials. The links between the pages were getting difficult to manage, and the single page entries were getting very long.

What I wanted: I wanted to have a way to quickly enter new information and have it interlink to previously entered information. I wanted a way for other users to be able to see my latest entries easily. I wanted users to be able to do a search for a particular topic. I wanted users to be able to see a list of all my topics easily so they could check out other topics. I wanted an easy-to-scan list of links. I wanted users to be able to make comments on my information if they had a great link or more knowledge on a topic.

What led me to a blog: Frankly, a blog wouldn’t have been the first solution that came to mind. I probably would have ended up writing my own program to do exactly what I wanted. But, I have recently been helping a lady at Tolly-Ho get her blog up and running. (If you’re curious, that’s at As I was helping her organize pages and posts and navigation, I realized that this would be a good solution for what I wanted to accomplish.

Technology: For this page, I’m using [Wordpress] software. If you’re interested in learning more about what I did, check out my [cref blog-tutorial] Post. There, I talk about how to install WordPress, how to install a theme, what plugins and widgets I use, and some of the problems I’ve run into.

Making your own Blog

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