Calendar Tutorial

How to install the Calendarix calendar on Godaddy

  1. Download the .zip file. You can go to or download it from the [Calendarix] website or download it HERE. Note that there may be a more recent version on the Calendarix website, but this is the version I’m using.
  2. Unzip the File
  3. Import the included .sql file into the Database. I’m assuming you already have a database and are at least slightly familiar with the Godaddy php database interface. If you’re not, go to the [cref database-tutorial] Post.
    1. The create_cal.sql file should be located in the admin folder. Locate that. Do NOT alter it! This contains the SQL commands that will create the tables needed for the calendar to work.
    2. Open your Godaddy Hosting Control Center – Databases – MySQL – phpMyAdmin. On the front page, select Import.
    3. Browse for the create_cal.sql file. Leave all the settings at the default and hit GO.
    4. This should have installed 4 tables – calendar_cat, calendar_events, calendar_param, calendar_users.
    5. Open and change $db, $dbuser, $dbpass, and $dbhost to your information and save the file. You should be familiar with this. If you’re not, go to the [cref database-tutorial] Post.
    6. Upload everything to your server. I made a Calendar folder under my root folder and put everything that was in the lowest calendarix_0_8_20080808 folder. Be sure to allow access to the sub-directories under your Calendar Folder. You can do this in the Hosting Control Center – Your Files. Navigate to the Calendar Folder, select the folders and click Permissions. Check the settings below.
    7. You can now go to and view the calendar. The login name is admin and the password is admin. The user name and password are test and testing.

    How to Put the Mini-Calendar in your page

    A file “minical.php” is available for providing a mini-calendar to be embedded in website. It uses overlib support to provide a summary of events in the mini-calendar.

    1. To include the mini-calendar in a page, use the following code:

Author: Steph

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