Google Calendar

I have a simple calendar on my [Tolly-Ho Website] that I implemented from Google Calendar. This is done simply by having a Google account and putting whatever you want into your calendar. Then, generate the code in Google and put it in your HTML. Simple. Also, if you make changes in your calendar, they instantly show up in your webpage with no code changes.

Directions for displaying a Google Calendar on your website are located on the Google Website at:

Google Calendar API

One simple solution that has a wide array of possibilities is using the [Google Calendar API].

ASP Calendar

While looking into a code-base method, I found an ASP Calendar. Click on [ASP Calendar] to learn more.

Note on this!!! Linux vs. Windows hosting – If you want to use ASP, this is a Microsoft Technology, and will only work with Windows hosting.

Calendarix Calendar

Finally, after a lot of searching, I found [Calendarix Calendar]. I’m really liking this implementation. There was a lot of code to wade through, but you don’t really have to make a lot of changes. I particularly like the Mini-Calendar. See the [Doughnut Page] for my implementation.

See my [cref calendar-tutorial] Post for instructions on implementing Calendarix.

Author: Steph

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