Clean Up Your Crafts [Organization #25]

Hobbies can mean many things. You may be an Home-Ec specialist with an elaborate sewing room. You may enjoy woodworking in your garage, shed, or basement. You may have a box of craft supplies in a closet and use your dining room table as a craft area. Whatever is the case, this week in the Organized Life Series, we’re going to organize our craft area and supplies.

It’s hard to be specific with so many different types of crafts, so we’ll be more general.

Sort By Craft

If you have multiple craft types in one area, sort the separately.

For example, if you sew, separate your mending projects from your new projects. Or separate your machine sewing from hand sewing. Separate Embroidery from sewing supplies. Or keep all of your thread in the same area with different types sorted separately.

If, for example, you do scrapbooking, sewing, and other crafts, sort your items by craft. Keep all of your scrapbooking supplies together and all of your sewing supplies together.

Evaluate Your Supplies

Is your glue dried up and useless? Are your paints gummy from disuse? Are your sewing patterns for toddlers and you now have teenagers? Get rid of things that are unusable to you. As with most of our projects, as you’re sorting create 3 piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Trash
  3. Give Away / Sell

If an item is unusable by anyone, throw it away. If you’ve decided you won’t use the supplies, but someone else could – donate or sell them.

Create a list of projects you will be creating soon. It is now November. Decide on your Christmas projects and make sure that you will have all of the supplies that you need for those projects.

Organize Your Supplies

When developing and organizational system, try to make sure you can easily access the things you need most, while less-used items can be found easily, even if they’re at the back of a closet.  Make it easy to grab the supplies you need to get a project done quickly. Otherwise, it won’t get done.

Stay Organized

When you catch things you need on sale and stock up, put things away properly immediately. Have a space for things like boxes and jars that you are saving for projects so they don’t become clutter.

Author: Steph

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