You can check out the [cref css] Post for the quick and easy way to add some artistic flair to your pages, but if you’re wanting to take it to the next level, check out some of the stuff we’ve been looking at.

Donnie discussed some tools of web design in a recent meeting:

  • Donnie will put his collection of artwork and screenshots on color\Donnie\References. I have copied some of this info in [Donnie References].
  • Donnie strongly recommends downloading brushes for Photoshop
  • Check out [Net Diver].
  • A great Flash example at [2 Advanced].

Getting Inspired

I needed some inspiration for a new project. I looked through Donnie’s stuff, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for. I tried looking up things like “cool webpages” and the like but wasn’t thrilled. So I tried a different approach. I opened a random word generator and then ran Google searches on those words. I got some interesting pages that I wouldn’t have otherwise run across. You can see screenshots of those pages at: [My Web Screenshots]

Daryl pointed out a good site for finding [Random Websites].


Maybe you’re struggling with coming up with a color scheme. Check out [Color Combinations] for great color schemes that are already designed. If you have one particular color in mind and want to find a good color scheme manually, try the [Color Scheme Designer] webpage.


Another interesting tidbit – when designing your webpage, make sure you design your Favicon. That’s the little icon that shows up in your title bar, like faviconYahoo.gif. Check out the [cref favicon-tutorial] Post for more detailed information and instructions.

Web Design Trends in 2010

I found an interesting article at I recommend that you check it out.

On a side note, these are freaking hilarious:

These are both from the same page. I strongly recommend you go to the top of the page to “Inspirations” and go through whatever topics interest you. This site has VERY GOOD collections.

Author: Steph

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