Do Kitchen Measurement Conversions With This Infographic

You’re in the middle of cooking from a recipe and have either halved or increased a recipe or can’t find the right tool. Let’s see – 8 oz in a cup, 2 cups in a pint, 4 quarts in a gallon? How many teaspoons in a Tablespoon? With this handy infographic from S.B. Lattin Design, the conversion is simple.

The layout is pretty easy to understand. The lines indicate equivalence. 4 quarts = 1 gallon. The + sign indicates addition for equivalence. 1/3 cup = 5 TBsp + 1 tsp. The only downside is that there are no ounces in the graphic. But it’s still handy to print out and have around.

Have a look at the Infographic and print it out to keep in your kitchen.


Author: Steph

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