Everyday Apple Watch Series

You’ve heard the Apple hype around the Apple Watch. They claim “To wear it is to love it”. But ultimately, it’s a ~$300 toy. The big question is – after the novelty wears off, how does the Apple Watch fit into your everyday life. Throughout the Everyday Apple Watch Series, we’ll look at each of the solutions that the watch provides, and ultimately, learn if the watch is worth keeping.

  • Purchasing an Apple Watch – Where should you buy your Apple Watch?
  • How the Apple Watch Makes Me FEEL – Is it too heavy or clunky? Does the silicone band get sweaty? Are the ads right – does it make me cool?
  • Troubleshooting an Apple Watch – How to do a soft/hard reset, back up, and recover your Apple Watch
  • Using Your Apple Watch Without Your Phone – What can your watch do if you leave your iPhone at home or walk out of range?
  • Reviewing the Watch on the Apple Watch – If you’re used to having a watch on your wrist, you probably view it often. How does the Apple Watch compare as a watch?
  • Using Siri on Your Apple Watch – You know how to use Siri, but how is it different on your Apple Watch?
  • Controlling Notifications on Your Apple Watch – You can control which notifications appear on your Apple Watch
  • Getting Healthy with Your Apple Watch – How to use the stock and third-party health and fitness apps.
  • And more…
(Unmodified Image: “16867612” Target. Accessed February 10, 2016. http://scene7.targetimg1.com/is/image/Target/16867612?wid=1200&hei=1200.)

Author: Steph

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