You may be interested in adding social networking site content to your page. If so, here are the resources I’ve looked up.

  • [Facebook Connect] is a set of APIs from Facebook that enable Facebook members to log onto third-party websites, applications, mobile devices and gaming systems with their Facebook identity. While logged in, users can connect with friends via these mediums and post information and updates to their Facebook profile. Developers can use these services to help their users connect and share with their Facebook friends on and off of Facebook and increase engagement for their website or application.
  • If you just want to post your Facebook pics on your page, check out itsnotyouits.me/posts/getting-facebook-content-on-your-homepage.
    • I did implement this functionality in a test page. The things that I found that weren’t clear in the tutorial are that in Step 3 – you need to put the domain name

Author: Steph

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