My Favorite iPad Games [iPad Series #14]

This week in the iPad Series, we’ll be talking about games for your iPad.

Allow me to preface this article by saying this is by no means an all-encompassing coverage of games. I could spend WEEKS discussing iPad games. Rather, if you want to see the top-selling and most popular games for the iPad, just start browsing through iTunes.  These are the games that I’ve chosen and love on my iPad.

If you’ve been looking around on this website for long you might have a feel for the type of person that I am. I’m a little geeky – I love gadgets, technology, and science. I’m a little old-fashioned – I own my own home, do some home improvements, I craft, and I knit. How does all of this translate into the games that I enjoy on my iPad? That’s simple – I like card games and board games. A lot of that could be based on my history – when I was a kid we played board games a lot.

Sidebar: I’m a coal miner’s daughter. When I was a kid, we were lucky to go out to eat once a month or so. By the time I was a teenager, we ate out once a week after church. We didn’t have any hobbies or activities that cost money. I read a LOT of books and as a family we played board games and card games. 

Later, as a single mom, my daughter and I had a “game night” every week where we played board and card games. That said, please allow me to show you my favorite iPad games.

My Favorite Games

I think you’ll be able to see the pattern very quickly. The prices listed are the prices I paid. What that means is that if the prices are currently higher, you can wait and watch for that lower price. Or if the price is currently lower than I paid you might want to snatch it up. I used to have an app on my iPhone called App Miner. I can’t find it in iTunes now. But if you do some searching, I’m sure there are apps out there to help you track prices and place alerts on specific apps.

Battleship HD ($4.99)

Games-BattleshipBattleship is an EA Games app, so you expect great quality graphics and this app does not disappoint. Battleship is a single-player or multi-player game.

My favorite game mode is Salvo. You get one shot per turn for each ship you still have floating.

I don’t play this one a lot while relaxing in the evenings, but it’s fun to play with someone while you’re waiting somewhere.

Can Knockdown (Free)

Games-CanKnockdownUnfortunately, Can Knockdown is my least favorite game on this list and I’m glad it was free.

I had previously gotten this game for my Android phone. The iPad version only has the main game. The Android version has 3 games – the main Can Knockdown, a target-shooting game, and another one where you have to hit cans that are thrown up into the air. Also, I don’t find the main game to be as fun on the large iPad screen.

I can’t really recommend this game, though there is a Can Knockdown 2 game for $.99. This is the version I play on Android with three games.

Coin Dozer HD (Free)

Games-CoinDozerI don’t have a good explanation for why I like Coin Dozer. It’s basically the game you used to be able to find in arcades where you would drop in a coin and try to push other coins down to collect more than you put in.  I NEVER play this game in person, but have a strange addiction to this iPad app.

The game gives you a set limit of coins to play with. When you start the game it will tell you how often your coins regenerate while offline, while playing, and what your coin limit is. In the game, you get shake points so that you can “nudge the machine” every little bit. There are special coins to raise sidewalls, drop a giant coin, and so on. There are also silly little prizes.

The worst thing about this game is that they constantly pop up ads for their other games and try to get you to buy coins.

The Game of Life HD ($6.99)

Games-GameLifeThe Game of Life was my absolute favorite board game when I was a kid. I remember having to put together the game board, and then later trying to stick that 5th kid lengthwise into the little car. When my daughter was young, I bought the computer game and we used to sit and play it in the office. That would have been around 2000-2001. Now that I have it on iPad, I LOVE it.

I’m assuming that you’re familiar with the board game. The iPad game is very similar. However, I can’t get my daughter to play with me now. She says I cheat. I’m REALLY good at spinning whatever number I want. Seriously, I hit the number I want over 95% of the time. So to me, this game is just a challenge to get the highest top score I can.

Anyway, the graphics are great and this is in my top 3 games for the iPad.

Hearts Free (Free)

The version of this game that I like is Hearts Free HDGames-Hearts by Optime.

Personal History: My love for Hearts goes back to my early college days. I’m probably giving away my age, but when I was a freshman in college, there was only one person I knew that had an email account outside of the university. It was a cousin that worked for a large company. Anyway, a classmate in my Fortran class (eek!) introduced me to an online chat board for people in my university. Yes, it was text-only! The group would meet at Tolly-Ho every Thursday toeat, drink, and play cards. I spent many, many a late night playing Hearts, Spades, and even Bridge.

Old-Timer story aside, I like this iPad version of Hearts best. The graphics are nice and it works well without crashing.

Labyrinth ($2.99)

Games-LabryinthI originally played Labyrinth on my old iPhone. It was pretty cool at the time, but this game is MUCH more fun on the iPad.

The first time I ever played the regular game was at my uncle’s farm. They had the wooded tabletop version with knobs on the sides for you to turn. This game brings back fond memories of happy childhood summers.

There are tons of different levels and boards you can play and the skill level ranges from very easy to extremely difficult. This game is a great time killer, and I like the challenge. It’s worth the money.

Monopoly Here & Now ($4.99)

Games-MonopolyMonopoly is a classic and there are a lot of versions available for your iPad: Monopoly HD (classic), Monopoly Here and Now (updated properties and $$), Monopoly Hotels (free hotel game), Monopoly Zapped (app to go with a new board game), and Monopoly  Millionaire (first to 1M wins).

I like the Monopoly Here and Now version. The dollar amounts are more current and the properties are cities around the world. You can change “house rules” such as what happens if you land on Go or Free Parking.

This is another of my Top 3 iPad Games.

Paper Toss 2.0 (Free)

Games-PaperTossI first played Paper Toss on my old iPhone 2 and quickly found out how addicting it can be. The challenge is to toss a ball of paper into a trash can with a fan blowing at varying speeds. It’s a great example of virtual physics. Fortunately, you don’t have to be extremely accurate.

Paper Toss 2.0 is a fun upgrade with more things to toss, new targets to hit (such as annoying coworker), and so on.

While the game is fun, I do find that I enjoy doing swiping games such as this and Can Knockdown on a smaller screen. Large swiping motions get tiresome after a while. But the game is fun.

Phase 10 ($0.99)

Games-Phase10I LOVE Phase 10! As a lover of card games in general, I discovered this game many years ago and have spent hours and hours playing this around a kitchen table.

The Phase 10 iPad game is very similar to playing this live. I typically play against a pirate, a robot, and Santa Claus. I’ve owned this on my iPhones, my Android phones, and now on my iPad.

This is definitely one of my Top 3 Favorite iPad Games!

Note: there is a Phase 10 Free version, but when I love something I will pay for it to A) support the developer and B) get rid of ads.

Scrabble ($0.99)

Games-ScrabbleAhh, Scrabble: the original Words With Friends game played around a kitchen table. You can play this with a friend or strangers through the iPad Game Center or Facebook, or you can even pass the iPad back and forth in person.

However you play, Scrabble is a classic and the graphics are nice in this iPad app.

Spider Solitaire (Free)

Games-SpiderSpider Solitaire Free by Mobility Ware is a great go-to game. Sometimes you just want to play a little solitaire.

The graphics on this game are nice and the touch moves are intuitive.

As you would expect, you can track statistics, change backgrounds and card backs, and choose how many suits to play with.

Uno HD ($0.99)

Games-UnoWho doesn’t love a great game of Uno? Forward or Reverse, skipped or passing, Draw Two and Draw Four… It’s all good.

The Uno HD game for iPad has fabulous graphics and all the game play options you would expect. You can play alone, pass the iPad, or play with people online. There are different customizations you can do.

This game is certainly worth a dollar!

Games My Daughter Plays

I can’t really tell you the games that she plays on her iPhone, but here is a list of a few games she loves playing on my iPad. (For reference, she’s an adult, not a kid.)

100 Floors (Free)

Games-100floors100 Floors HD Free is a puzzle game.

The challenge is to clear a puzzle on your floor, get in the elevator and go to the next floor… They also released some Holiday-themed floors.

Apparently it’s a good time-killer while still engaging the brain.

Angry Birds Star Wars ($2.99)

Games-ABStarWarsSure you can get the free version of Angry Birds, but it’s STAR WARS Angry Birds. If you don’t GET IT, you shouldn’t get it.

You know the Angry Birds drill. Shoot birds at the piggies. Now take the same thing and add little costumes on the birds and pigs. Good times.

If you like Angry Birds and Star Wars you will be double-happy with this purchase.

Doors & Rooms (Free)

Games-DoorsRoomsThe Doors & Rooms app is a puzzle game much like 100 Floors. You have to investigate and solve the room before you can go through the door and get to the next room.

If you get stuck, there is a cheats app you can download for free.

There are lots and lots of stages to work your way through and it’s a fun challenge.

Temple Run (Free)

Games-TempleRunTemple Run is currently a top iTunes game. There is also a free Temple Run 2 app.

I haven’t played this game, but you basically have a guy running at a constant speed and you make him jump or turn to avoid obstacles and gather treasure.

Fun for kids of all ages!

Tiki Kart 3D (Free)

Games-TikiKartTiki Kart 3D is like Mario Cart for your iPad.

You can choose different karts, race different courses, and pick up and drop items.

This is a fun game, but you need to be able to manage several things at once to make your cart speed up, slow down, turn, and drop items.

Wreck-It Ralph ($0.99)

Games-WreckItThe Wreck-It Ralph game is based on the movie, which incidentally was MADE to have follow-up video games.

There are multiple arcade games to choose from that are just like the games in the movie. My daughter really liked this game. (Again, she’s technically an adult!)

Wreck-It Ralph is part of the iPad Game Center and you can play online against others.


That’s it for this week. Check back next week for a new article in the iPad Series

Author: Steph

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