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This article has been updated for iOS 7.

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To access the manual on your computer, go to http://support.apple.com/manuals/ipad/.

On your iPod, open Safari and click on the Bookmark icon. You will see iPod User Guide listed in your bookmarks by default.

If the User Guide is not in your bookmarks, go to help.apple.com/ipad in Safari and save the page to your bookmarks for future reference.


You can browse through the guide easily. This is something that Apple has certainly done well.


Good Stuff from the Manual

Status Icons

Are you sometimes confused what the little icons in the top status bar mean? Here’s a lowdown straight from the manual:



Do you like speaking your texts or email into your device? If so, it’s good to know the formatting commands:


You may think that because you’re not hearing impaired and don’t have vision problems that you don’t need to look at Accessibility options. I recommend that you do so anyway. At least consider the Invert Colors option for night reading to reduce eye strain.

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