• [MooTools Framework] is a Java Framework. Read more about this in the [cref MooTools] Post.
  • Donnie mentioned a JS Library called [extJS Script]. When he got it, the library was free. He says that it is not now.
    • Cebu has a copy of the last download before the company started charging for it. Also, Scott and I were able to download it at no charge. I haven’t tried to do anything with it yet. Make sure you click on the “Learn More” button on the homepage. There are nice examples.
  • Donnie also mentioned a Prototype JS called [JQuery].
  • Check out Scriptaculous at [Scriptaculous]. This add-on to the Prototype framework allows for EXCELLENT animations.
  • The Prototype framework can be found at [Prototype JS].
  • YUI – the Yahoo Framework can be found at [Yahoo Framework].
  • Minifier – You may have noticed if you’ve tried to look at someone’s Javascript code that it has been “Minified” or all of the extra whitespace has been removed. Jsmin can minify or unminify javascript for you. Read about this and download it at [JSMin].

Author: Steph

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