Learn to Cook Like a Chef

By learning to cook at home, you can save money by cooking restaurant-quality meals at home. You can improve your health by using high-quality and natural ingredients in your recipes. You can improve yourself by learning a new and valuable life skill. This article is part of both the Getting Healthy Series.

Below is a list of some cooking schools that are available online:

  • America’s Test Kitchen (Recommended) – ATK hosts a variety of public television shows, cookbooks, and magazines, and they do one thing – they test kitchen equipment, prepackaged food, and recipes to find the best “combination of ingredients, technique, temperature, cooking time, and equipment that yields the best, most-foolproof recipe”. The ATK Online Cooking School has a 14-day trial membership, membership costs $20/month, and membership includes access to the entire library of cooking classes. Additionally, you can access the ATK, Cook’s Country, Cook’s Illustrated, and Cookbook Collection videos, reviews, and recipes for $70/year. This is especially helpful as you choose new cookware and supplies to supplement your new cooking skills.
  • Craftsy – You must sign up for the Craftsy website using your email address or your Facebook account before you can view the available classes. While there are some free cooking and baking mini-classes available, most classes cost from $15 – $40. This can become cost-prohibitive quickly, but you can choose to learn what you want at your own speed, and there are classes available in other crafting fields, such as knitting, sewing, painting, and more.
  • Le Cordon Bleu – The famous culinary school in Paris offers online courses if you are serious about learning to cook and want to get a degree and become a professional chef, then this online cooking school might be right for you. As with any other university degree, this program could cost upwards of $20,000, depending on the degree program that you choose.
  • Rouxbe – Rouxbe cooking school is a high-quality, professional-level online cooking school. If you plan to raise your skills to a professional level, this might be the cooking school for you. Rouxbe costs $300 to join, and $5/month thereafter.
  • Taste of Home – The Taste of Home Cooking School is based on the actual in-person classes that Taste of Home offers. You might be familiar with their magazine. The recipes are geared toward an at-home cooking audience, and the cooking school offers you the option to subscribe to all of the classes for $10/month or to purchase a class for around $20-$30.
Author’s Note: I chose to use America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School and have been very pleased. Although I managed a short-order cooking restaurant for many years, I had never been taught how to hold a chef’s knife or the difference between baking soda and baking powder. I have since thrown several dinner parties to rave reviews.

When you consider the cost of an online cooking school, keep in mind that you might need to purchase new kitchen equipment, including cookware, utensils, appliances, and serveware.

Author’s Note: I have purchased over $2500 in cooking supplies. You can view my Cooking Supplies Amazon wish list to see the items that I have purchased.

Author: Steph

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