MooTools Tutorial

Mark has done a demo of [MooTools Framework] for us at the weekly meeting. Mootools is a compact Java framework that allows easy implementation of some really cool-looking stuff.

A big thank-you to Mark for the code snippets below.

Basic Framework Installation

Download the core Javascript File. The file that you will need to do the Mark’s examples is here. Mark recommends that your page will load faster if you use the minimum mootools add-ins that you need. If you want to do more things, you can download the full, uncompressed MooTools Core HERE. Or, follow these steps to create your own:

  1. Go to and select Core Builder under Developer Tools.
  2. Go down to the FX functions you want to add. Don’t worry about the core and basic items. Once you select the items, the support structure that it needs will be added. Download that file.
  3. Note: if you download the file from MooTools, you will need to change the extension of the file from .txt to .js.

  4. To use this file in your code, you will need to put the file on your server and include it in your HEADER:

Author: Steph

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