My Jailbreak Setup

I decided to post what packages I have installed on my iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 jailbreak, with short descriptions. I’ll try to keep these updates as I go and even keep notes when I delete things and why. I’ll also note installations on my other phones.


  • Steph’s iPhone: (iPhone 4 – 4.1) This is my iPhone. I’m running iOS 4.1 because I had already done the update before jailbreaking. (See my [cref how-to-jailbreak-an-iphone] article for jailbreaking instructions.
  • Kendra’s iPhone: (iPhone 4 – 4.1) This is my daughter’s iPhone. She had done the 4.1 update, but thankfully not the 4.2, so she didn’t have to go through the [cref downgrade-an-iphone4-ios] process before jailbreaking.
  • Home iPhone: (iPhone 3G – 4.0) This is our 3rd mobile phone that we use as a home phone or a backup phone. It was my old phone before I bought my new iPhone 4. I was already running iOS 4.0 and have never updated since.

If you’re not extremely familiar with how to install and uninstall, I recommend that you check out my [cref how-to-install-jailbreak-apps] article. And if you’re not familiar with the method, read the [cref make-multiple-backups-in-itunes] article.

Installed Jailbreak Packages

Free Packages:

  • Action Menu – adds extra options to the copy/paste menu. There’s also a paid version if you want to upgrade
  • CrashReporter – lets you know what app is the culprit when something causes your phone to go into safe mode
  • CyDelete – makes it possible to delete Jailbreak apps just like App Store apps
  • Cydia – the jailbreak installer app
  • Five Icon Dock – Allows up to 5 icons (or more) instead of 4 in the task switcher
  • iBlank – Blank icons to organize your home screens
  • infinifolders – gives you the ability to have an unlimited number of apps in your folders (Apple limits it to 12)
  • Lockscreen Clock Hide – hides the clock on the lockscreen so you don’t get a duplicate clock from the Lockscreen Weather Add-On
  • MIM – (Make it mine) used to change the AT&T or clock logo to the text of your choice. My name in my case.
  • MxBackup – Backup MxTube videos to restore later
  • MxTube – YouTube Video downloader
  • SBSettings – a pop-up control panel for various toggles and actions
  • WinterBoard – flexible theme controller

Paid Packages

  • biteSMS – text messaging utility with features like smileys, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, privacy, scheduled SMS, passcode lock, delivery reports, and signatures.
  • LockInfo – Allows you to control info on your LockScreen
  • PkgBackup – automates package backup and installation of Cydia programs and your icon layout

Winterboard Themes Enabled

Winterboard Glasklart Theme with my Christmas Tree background image

  • Glasklart (Make sure to disable “BundledWallpaper”) – this is my main theme. I LOVE IT! It’s a nice glass theme that really displays your background image well with the transparent icons and there are a lot of icons, making the package very big.
  • LISport_M_Green – LockInfo theme
  • LockInfo icons – replaces LockInfo plugin grey icons with color icons
  • No Icon Shadows – iBlank – turns off the icon shadows for iBlank
  • SMS_Black – black and blue theme for SMS
  • User Wallpaper – allows me to use my own wallpaper (see my Christmas Tree image above)

SBSettings Theme Enabled:

  • Shwank – Nice dark theme. I also like the Glasklart one.

LockInfo Add-Ons:

  • LockInfo Weather – Adds a nice weather tool to the lockscreen

Note: I have recently added MiWi and plan to add AutoSilent after my next backup.

Author: Steph

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