NookColor Rooting


Kelly Rooted her Nook last night. Here are the directions she used. The new Nook Colors are coming in with 1.1 already installed. Make sure that’s what you have or do an update before you do the Rooting.

This was super-simple. Just make sure you follow the instructions and don’t try to do go through the Google sign-in on the screen. It’s a freeze-causing loop. Follow the instructions and there are no problems.

VERY IMPORTANT – after Rooting, be careful when logging in to other Google Accounts. If you’ve associated a Google account with your Barnes and Noble account, and have logged into another Google account in a browser or Gmail app for some reason, when you click on Shop, Library, or any of your Nook Books (even by accident), your Nook Color will be reset to the factory settings and all of your data will be cleared!!! So if you need to log in to another Google account, make sure you log back out immediately.


Author: Steph

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