Install the Pfaff 3D Creative Suite Software

The Pfaff 2144 (updated to a 2170) is a high-end sewing and embroidery machine. The optional Pfaff Creative 3D Embroidery Software is one of the best things about the system. You can buy embroidery designs online as files or as disks and import them into the software. You connect the sewing/embroidery machine to the computer where the software is running and embroider the design on your machine.

Author’s Note:  My old desktop computer was purchased years ago. It was running Windows XP and worked great for my embroidery software, but the computer died and I had to replace it. I replaced it with a Windows 7 machine and was able to load the software on the machine with little trouble. However, when I connected the machine (via USB) to my new desktop computer, the connection was not recognized. I tried running the programs in XP compatibility mode as an administrator but it didn’t work. I tried running a virtual machine in XP Mode and that didn’t work.

Now that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is even more difficult to install and use the Pfaff 3D Creative Suite. For best results, purchase a refurbished Windows XP machine from a local computer store and install the software.

Unfortunately, after you install the software, you will need to update the the software. However, because Pfaff no longer supports the 3D system, most of the links are dead. You can download a ZIP file of the updates from the Epiphenie site below:

Included in the zip folder are the following files:

  • 3DEmbroideryDocumentationPatch72.exe
  • 3DEmbroideryPatch725.exe
  • 3DFabricDecorator725Tutorials.exe
  • HASPUserSetup.exe

Some of these files are still available on the software website. The HASP installer is no longer available from Sentinel, but if you want to search, HERE is a good place to start.

Author’s Note:  I’m including the files here so that I can find them if I need them later. It took me hours to find them the first time, then hours to find them in my backup files the second time.


Author: Steph

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