Photoshop Brushes

Donnie mentioned Photoshop brushes when he was here.

Photoshop does have default brushes. Some of the standard viewable default brushes are Spatter, Chalk, Star, etc. Make sure you click on the small black arrow next to the word Brushes to view all of the brush sets avilable.

Brush sets are usually located in the folder C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop X.X\Presets\Brushes (where X.X is the program version). To make brush sets that you download load automatically, they must be in this folder. Otherwise, you can load them manually by selecting Brushes > Load Brushes…

I’ve found some sites that I think have some interesting brushes

Feel free to share if you find some great Brush Tutorials or sites online. Notice that I’m not listing these on my Links Sidebar. I don’t want that list to get too long. I am putting just my favorite on there.

Author: Steph

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