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Personally, I’ve used the “Quick Shopping Cart” from Godaddy that costs $9.99 a month. It’s quick and easy to use if you want to get started selling items right away. However, I’m looking for an open-source replacement for that and so far I’m pleased with ZenCart. ZenCart is easily implemented in GoDaddy. You can do it through their UI. Both of these programs have an administrator UI and don’t require any coding, though ZenCart is much harder to implement. Also, if you pay for the service through Godaddy, they provide free phone support, and I’ve had great success with the shopping cart technical support.

Make sure you check the [Scott Page]. He has a LOT of information on using Google Checkout, Paypal. Especially make sure you check his Links page.

Make your own shopping pages – I’m not happy paying $9.99 a month to godaddy for their shopping cart. I don’t like not being able to fully personalize it now that I’m spoiled making my own pages. And though the ZenCart option is free, it seems overly complicated for my needs. I am going to try to write my own cart. A resource that I found for doing this is [PHP Web Commerce]. If this works out for me, I’ll show it later.

See the [cref shop-tutorial] page for instructions for implementing this.

Author: Steph

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