Creating A Mobile Website

There has been some interest in creating and converting websites to mobile sites. Technology The first question to answer is what are the technologies used in current phones. WAP – Wireless Access Protocol This is the initial and most simplistic type of web browser. The phone I had over 5 years ago probably had this browser. Cingular Web and all that. There are probably some phones that still use the old WAP browsers, but not...

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Financial Database Table Creation Tutorial

This is the SQL command set that can be uploaded to the database and automatically create and fill the tables. Download the file from from HERE. To view the SQL and copy/paste it, you can see that below. [code lang="SQL"] CREATE TABLE masterlogin ( ml_id INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, username varchar(120) NOT NULL, password VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL ) TYPE = MYISAM; INSERT INTO masterlogin (ml_id, username, password) VALUES...

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