Text Editors

Once you’ve learned your [cref html], you can easily edit your code in Notepad. However, as your code gets more complex, it is very handy to have a good text editor. Here are some that have been discussed in the meeting or in emails:

  • Visual Studios – If you’ve got it, it will definitely work. It’s better than Notepad.
  • [Scite Text Editor] – From Mark. This is a very good text editor (source code editor) for Windows and Linux (sorry not Mac) and it is very well recognized.
  • [Taco Text Editor] – From Brant. A decent Mac-only editor.
  • [Komodo Edit] – Komodo is FREE and supports [cref php], Python, Ruby, Perl and Tcl, plus [cref JavaScript], [cref CSS], and [cref HTML]. I found this one online and have been using it at home.

Author: Steph

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