Preparing for a Dive Trip

Traveling as a scuba diver adds additional complications to a vacation. In addition to planning for your trip, you must plan to have the gear and paperwork necessary for you to dive.


After you have decided to go on a trip, you will know your destination, travel dates, and trip cost. You can then plan ahead for certain details.

60 Days Before

Most planned trips have a balance due date around 60 days before travel. This is a good time to take care of other items that you can take care of early.

  • Pay all outstanding trip balances
  • Confirm your airfare
  • Let the U.S. State Department know about international travel – State Dept STEP
  • If you are renting a vehicle, call your insurance company to see if you are covered – otherwise, check if your trip insurance covers rental cars
  • Check medical requirements – Do you need to have a doctor sign a dive form? Do you need shots prior to the trip? CDC (Center for Disease Control)
  • Service any dive equipment that needs maintenance

Two Weeks Before

Complete a some items a couple of weeks before your trip.

  • Check your airfare for flight changes
  • Inform your credit card company and banks that you’re leaving the country
    • Plan to bring a card with no international fees, like Capital One
    • Plan to bring the airline card used to purchase the flight (AA/Delta/United)
  • Put your mail and package deliveries on hold:
  • Review your packing list and order items that you need (Amazon Prime includes free 2-day shipping)
  • Double-check all of your dive equipment.

 One Week Before

A week before your trip, you can start getting excited, and actually prepare for your trip!

  • Withdraw cash from the bank
  • Print (or save PDF to your phone) copies of the following:
    • Passport
    • Drivers license
    • Credit cards
    • Dive cards / Dive insurance
    • The last page from your dive log book
  • Print and fill out early registration or dive forms for your resort (Check the resort website)
    For example:
  • Check that you have enough prescription and OTC meds for the trip
  • Download movies or Audible/Kindle books for vacation
  • Back up and delete photos on your phone/tablet/computer to make room for new ones
  • Clear camera memory cards
  • Test/charge the battery for your dive computer (and backup computer)
  • Prepare for service people that come while you’re gone (trash, plants, lawncare, housekeeper)
  • Confirm your pet sitter arrangements
  • Check the weather for your destination and plan your clothes accordingly
  • Begin packing, or at least gather everything on the list to find last-minute missing items

The Night Before

The night before you are scheduled to leave is the last chance that you have to prepare for your trip.

  • Recheck your packing list and make sure that you have everything packed
  • Pre-charge all batteries (cameras, dive computers, phones, laptops, tablets)


Download the editable Microsoft Word document or the single-page PDF to keep this list handy.

Editable Page One-Page Checklist
PrepareDiveTrip.docx PrepareDiveTrip.pdf

Author: Steph

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