Get Cooking Series

The Epiphenie Get Cooking Series covers topics from learning to cook to everyday tasks for great food! Check back often as we add new topics.

Get Cooking Series Topics

  • Learn to Cook Like a Chef – If you don’t know how to cook, or want to improve your skills, find the best place to learn to cook like a chef. (Published in May 2016)
  • Organize Your Recipes Online – As you cook more and try new recipes, you need to organize your recipes, and it’s very convenient to do it online. (Published in June 2016)
  • Cook Once and Eat All Week Series – For those with a normal workweek, it’s great to cook during the weekend so that you can have easy, fresh meals during the week in 15 minutes or less. Choose a meal plan based on key ingredients, and then choose from different ways to use leftovers to make fresh meals throughout the week.
    • Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches (Cook Once) – Cook a dozen homemade breakfast sandwiches using any combination of breakfast breads, meats, eggs, and cheese. (Published in April 2017)
    • Beef Roast (Cook Once) – Cook a big beef roast and make great leftover meals with shredded beef. (To be Published in May 2017)
    • Pizza Crust (Cook Once) – Have fresh pizza on homemade crust and use extra crust for other pizza styles and calzones. (To be Published in June 2017)

Author: Steph

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