Calendar Tutorial

How to install the Calendarix calendar on Godaddy Download the .zip file. You can go to or download it from the [Calendarix] website or download it HERE. Note that there may be a more recent version on the Calendarix website, but this is the version I’m using. Unzip the File Import the included .sql file into the Database. I’m assuming you already have a database and are at least slightly familiar with the Godaddy php...

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Google Calendar I have a simple calendar on my [Tolly-Ho Website] that I implemented from Google Calendar. This is done simply by having a Google account and putting whatever you want into your calendar. Then, generate the code in Google and put it in your HTML. Simple. Also, if you make changes in your calendar, they instantly show up in your webpage with no code changes. Directions for displaying a Google Calendar on your website...

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